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Dease Lake Airport

Welcome to Dease Lake! Our, newly upgraded, airport is operated by the Stikine Airport Society that is headed by a volunteer board of directors the membership of which is drawn from the local community and aviation related businesses operating provincially and regionally in the Dease Lake area.

The Stikine Airport Society was formed in 2010 and replaced the former Dease Lake Airport Society.

The Stikine Airport Society is a non-profit organisation registered with the Province of British Columbia, registration number S-56876.​

The purposes of the society as stated in the society’s constitution are:

  • To maintain the airport that services the Town of Dease Lake, British Columbia 

  • To encourage the safe use of the airport and to promote safety in all aspects of the airstrip operation.

  • To develop the airport as required meeting the changing needs of the Town of Dease Lake and surrounding area.

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